Thursday, March 15, 2012

Donna Downey Class Details

Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force as a mixed-media artist. Donna is consistently on the leading edge of taking creative risks that push the creative envelope and empowering others to do the same with their art. As a mixed-media artist, Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self expression. Donna lives in North Carolina, USA with her husband, and is a mother of three children. Come along and experience this one off event held over two days, featuring four of Donnas’ most popular workshops. Bookings taken now! 08 9591 3188

Pan Pastels workshop - "from the heart"

Tuesday 8th May
Pan Pastels
10am to 12:30pm
Art is a measure of passion and creativity. Expressing yourself through colour and design comes from the heart. Opening yourself up to the creative process can be a bit intimidating, but could very well change your life. This workshop is designed as an introduction for beginners as well as to challenge the seasoned artist. As students, you will explore and enjoy creating visual depth, adding bold colour and texture to your mixed-media art pieces.

Poppy Collage - 6 x 18" mixed-media canvas

Tuesday 8th May
Poppy Collage
1:30pm to 4:30pm

This workshop is designed to guide you through the multi-layers, building and creating of an original canvas by using mixed media tags, modelling paste, gesso, tapes, fabric and paper elements. Each layer will lead you closer to creating a textural and beautiful piece of artwork celebrating strength and beauty. By keeping our colour palette simple, using lots of dimensional elements and several simple techniques for applying texture you will tap into that inner artist and watch your blank canvas transform into an amazing collage.
The BIG 40
Tuesday 8th May
The BIG 40
6pm to 9pm
Since I am now 40, I thought what better way to celebrate this new decade than by sharing my favorite top 40 tips, tricks and techniques for building better art journals and mixed-media backgrounds. Like all great things building a strong foundation or base for your ideas is important, mixed-media and art journaling is no different. This workshop is going to put all these ideas at your fingertips as you create your own personal reference book for mixed media backgrounds and techniques and fill the pages of your NEW art journal. Each student will receive and work in one of my newly released art journals. the journals heavyweight pages are perfect for layering, paints, inks, collages, PanPastels, paper, etc and I plan to do all that and more in this workshop! We will build over 40 techniques and pages worth of ideas using several different wet and dry mediums filling one incredible idea book that will surely get your mind spinning with ideas!
Inspiration Journal – Mixed Media/Art Journalling
Inspiration Journal: “Layered Composition”

Wed. 9th May
9:30am to 3:30pm
If you have taken your first steps into art journaling (inspiration journal: Creating a visual diary) and/or are looking to take your pages to the next level, this is the workshop for you. You will learn more about building layers using mediums, stencils, india inks, acrylic paints, watercolors, papers, tapes and lots more. Art is about pushing the boundaries and making a statement. This workshop is designed to empower you to listen to your creative instincts and teach you how to layer colour, texture and put your artistic personality into your journal pages. You will also learn a tips and techniques about freehand drawing, adding details as well as composition and balance.
$400* - Book and pay for all 4 classes and save $60
We can take cradit card payment over the phone or drop in store today!!
Class Terms and Conditions:
Once payment is receive the booking is final and no refunds are available. Lay Bys
available but full payment of lay by must be made by no later than 17th April 2012. Non-
attendance of classes will result in a kit being made available, without instructions and
photos are able to be taken of the sample. A light lunch will be provided on the
Wednesday 9th May class only. Class samples may vary slightly due to availability of
products. No unauthorised reproduction of class samples allowed unless written
authorisation is gained from Donna Downey and Anne-Marie. Personal Use Only. Full set of
terms & conditions available in store. No reward stamps or further discounts given on
these classes.                 


  1. OMG ..... What an opportunity.....will be ringing the shop tomorrow

  2. Oh how I wish I could do that class, unfortunately it doesn't fall when we are in Perth, but are you stocking Pan Pastels, love them and have been looking for somewhere in Australia to get some?